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The Octaves

“Tibetan Pulsing is an art form for creating the symphony in the instrument of the body,
bringing the universal music, the tones, the silence, the lights.
Love is a function, a manifestation, a creation of the physical function of the heart.
It is our doorway to communicate between different dimensions.
The ultimate instrument available to all of us is our own b

Shantam Dheeraj

We are bombarded by all kinds of frequencies from our mobile phones, phone masts, television, and much more than we know about. It is no wonder sometimes we feel strange or disconnected. At this time we are being asked to hold our frequencies and how do we do that. By getting clear, what do I want, what do I wish to live, create, love etc. This time is challenging our intent, our focus, our clarity. Will we become hi-tech couch potatoes or will we stretch ourselves beyond our wildest imaginations to grow and expand into the unknown, taking life with both hands, becoming capable of enjoying every moment.

It is therefore vital to take care of our energy, to take care of what's happening in our thoughts, emotions, energy/electricity and our body. Trusting our heart's dream, our destiny, our Divine Blueprint as we become clear conduits of circuitry holding vibrational frequencies of love.
We know from music and Tibetan toning that overtones create higher octaves, which in turn create higher octaves to higher dimensions. The organic grouping of octaves from Level 6000 (Survival) to Level 12 (Enlightenment) are governed by laws of frequency.

We are multi-dimensional beings that have forgotten the way to access different dimensions. Through the bodywork and toning we are clearing the 'pain body' to open up the electrical pathways to higher octaves of being. Even though we are working non-stop, everyone knows there are these troublesome areas that seem unable to change, that repeat, like a broken record ...... is it those brain receptors?

The Octaves

Physical Octave (Level 6000)
Small intestine, Gall bladder and Spinal base. Experiencing the human body as an energy. Touch is the oldest sensory system of the body, it links us to the outside world and makes it real. The physical vibration is the slowest.

Etheric Octave (Level3000)
Heart, Liver and Pons. It is through the energetic body that we discover what our full human potential is. Energy is constantly changing, either contracting or expanding.

Astral Octave (Level 1500)
Hara, Pancreas and Colon. The astral body is vast. Learning to feel the astral body. The astral body contains impressions and unresolved emotions from past lives. Claiming our power is essential.

Mental Octave (Level 768)
Ovaries/testes, Duodenum, Lungs. Einstein once said, "You cannot solve a problem with the same thinking that caused it." Using your mind as thought commands, raising the vibration, a faster technique. Strong focus, clear intent. Breath regulation. Liquid Light.

Spiritual Octave (Level 384)
Spleen, Legs and Kidneys. It is possible to infuse spiritual qualities into the physical body. Imagination, creativity, intuition. A link is created between physical and spiritual, affecting cellular behaviour, thus creating significant changes in biological, mental and spiritual bodies.

Cosmic Octave (Level 192)
Stomach, Cerebellum and Bladder. Experiencing the human body as an energetic form can help us with what happens living in a physical reality and with what happens to us in a spiritual reality. We are living in two realities. Going in to pass the 'dark night of the soul'.

Zero Octave (Level 96)
Throat, Arms, and Adrenals. Finding the support and courage to open our energy up to a cellular level, activating the DNA brings transformation. The DNA within our cells holds the Divine Blueprint. It is not what you do but how you do it.

Samadhi Octave (Level 48)
Tongue, Brain and Penis/Vagina, Two side of the brain in balance ... No-Mind. This is it. Beauty, the sacred, divine. The tongue rules the bodies. By generation of a powerful positive electrical force the bodies can be penetrated.

Each body holds greater and greater power as we enter in, with the seventh body being wrapped up inside the electrical currents. This is the energy of the soul. The energy of personal evolution toward the highest consciousness is actually contained within the electrical force. To transform oneself it is necessary to penetrate to the absolute depth.

"You cannot reach the light without knowing the dark, and the dark comes now in massive amounts asking to be healed. Genetically you are dealing with the cleansing of a long long line of humanity, generation upon generation of wounds; some of you want to experience the light as if you were driving from one picnic to another. That is not the case. The issue of accountability must be addressed on your planet, not to blame people but to teach them that at this time each person must be his or her own leader. "

Barbara Marciniak