Tibetan Pulsing School of Transformation

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Our body energy is functioning through bio-electrical energy. All our emotional sufferings and psychological problems are manifestations of bio-electrical blockages in our nervous system.

In order to dissolve those blockages we combine our bio-electrical energy (vital life force) with the 'pulsebeat' of our heart in a meditative way. The positive energy of our hearts neutralizes negative energy through orgasmic relaxation. Pain is transformed into pleasure, suffering into relief and fear into bliss.

The human consciousness is contained inside the electrical current. One way to bring consciousness to an area, is to bring an electrical current to that area. Connecting certain points on the body, feeling the 'pulsebeat' and using sound which stimulates electricity, positive electrical current flow runs through our nervous system, discharging areas of pain and suffering. A deep relaxation occurs bringing with it silence and meditation.


Tibetan Pulsing is a tantric bodywork that awakens your energy. Our bodies are our temples, capable of infinite energy, good feelings, innocence, pleasure and aliveness. The experience of 'pulsing' feels good and deeply relaxing.

The technique is a gentle continuous touch of the 'pulsebeat' on specific points on the body transmitting a magnetic flow of energy to the affected areas and they start pulsating. Results are profound and far reaching, physical tensions dissolve and past hurts and defences carried for years are released and it becomes possible to open up to deep intimacy and friendship. Often a new strength and confidence arises which transmits to people's work, relationships, creativity and health.

It does not work by analysing the mind, the 'pulse' goes to the roots of problems such as depression, emotional anxiety, fear, doubt, anger, unworthiness, physical pain, candida, chronic fatigue syndrome and tensions. Treats psychological illness and brings awareness into the subconscious, leading to the transformation of difficulties with intimacy, relating and unresolved childhood issues.

As well as being a deeply effective healing technique, Tibetan Pulsing is also a unique system for understanding human consciousness