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The intensives

farewell 2014

The Class of 2014 after an intense 12 day retreat

During the Intensive we explore the male and female aspects of ourselves, our attitudes and emotions, to discover the core mechanism of the our being. Using Sound Toning, Bodywork, Iridology, Theatre and Meditations we undergo a truly life changing process.

Our planet and all humanity is heading for a great spiritual transformation. In spite of all challenges that we are undergoing at present, it is a very exciting time to be alive. Many of us feel the wish in our hearts to open up to a new way of being and the need to clear whatever is blocking our progress.

Tibetan Pulsing is a tantric bodywork and meditation technique, addressing the changes taking place in our body during this time of transformation. The bioelectrical energy of the body is used to dissolve blockages on a physical, emotional and mental level.

The Tibetan Pulsing Intensive is a group process which helps to purify our nervous system, transform negative energies, align chakras, and activate the DNA. We regain lost and buried parts of ourselves, allowing our body to become free flowing and ecstatic. A major shift is experienced inside our consciousness while light is resounding in all the cells. In order to understand human psychology of the subconscious and all the corresponding circuits in the body, the intensives offer the following tools:

Physical level
Initiation into the Pulse, purifying, regenerating and transforming. Deep bodywork, Learning how to convert electrical energy into light. Relaxing into the inner home. We learn to use the bioelectrical current flow which allows a deep relaxation.

Emotional level
Gently dissolving pain and blocked or repressed emotions so that the heart can heal and trust again. Feeling loved and nourished by existence.

Mental level
Our reality is created by our subconscious. In recognising our obsessions,beliefs and identifications, we can let go of our fears and create a new way of being.

Structure of the intensives
There are four intensives which run over a two year period, at six month intervals. The first two comprise Part I, the third and fourth together make up Part II

Part I - From I to Me
From Mind to Heart
Our male side

We learn to know the 24 aspects of our male side, our mental identifications and patterns which compose our personality.
We let go of our attitudes and prejudice, result of past painful experiences and come back to Here and Now

Part II - From Me to This
From the Heart to the Divine
Our female side

We explore the 24 aspects of our feminine side: the unconscious process of our emotions which create our moods. A deep purification of the heart becomes possible. We can start to live the present moment.

The daily programme includes the following:

Sacred Sound-Tuning
We work with symbols, colours, light and sound frequencies, tuning 24 organs, opening up the subconscious, revealing the 96 spaces of human consciousness.

The stream is unifying all participants in one flow of energy which is flooding the nervous system with positive energy.

The body is the sacred Temple of the Spirit. Learning to apply the points of 24 circuits in exchange with one partner. A silent and profound transmission of the pulse, deeply penetrating and relaxing.

Tibetan iridology
Learning how to use the diagnostic tool of Tibetan Pulsing iridology. This is helping us to understand our conditioning and programme, as well as those of others. With the help of the participants’ eyes, we recognise to what extent we are influenced by events in our childhood and what are our talents, strong and weak points.

Theatre & Tarot (part II only)
We bring our shadow into the light in a playful way. Introducing the tarot.


Parimal Retreat Centre, a well known and beautiful retreat which lies below a 14th century castle, in the rolling hills of tiny village of Hubenthal. Parimal facilities also include a sauna, lake, sweat lodge, meditations, disco and great vegetarian food.

Airport – Frankfurt or Hamburg, take train to Kassel or Gottingen and a smaller train to Gertenbach, where you will be picked up by the Parimal Team. Parimal tel: 0049 (0)5542 5227