Tibetan Pulsing School of Transformation

Tibetan Pulsing is an adaptation of the ancient ritual practices of the Tibetan monasteries into energy processes better suited to the western mind. The Founder, Sw. Shantam Dheeraj, a creative genius developed this process over the last thirty years. He constructed the maps of the electrical circuits and wrote some books on the psychological conditions of the internal organs. Dheeraj discovered that by feeling the 'pulse' with his hands on areas of tension, pain, charge, or even tumours and by making sound that the deeply rooted tension and emotional blocks would start to pulsate and it would become possible to release and heal.

Dheeraj was born in USA in the year of the Dragon and discovered meditation and healing after living a very wild and total life style. Riding a Harley Davidson and drinking until the birth of his son grounded him. After discovering meditation, he then created maps of the nervous system and wrote a book on the psychological conditions of the organs. He later showed his work to His Holiness, Dujam
Rimpoche residing in Los Angeles. He tapped on the book which Dheeraj had just written and without opening it pronounced that it was an old Tibetan book. Dheeraj tried to explain that it was new, however, Dujam smiled and kept repeating ‘a very old Tibetan book’. He was also recognised later by His Holiness Kalu Rimpoche from a former life when Dheeraj was in a Tibetan monastery, as Jamyang Wangpo Khyentse Rimpoche. Dheeraj then remembered that life and before dying, he had a vision, a dream of translating the work into a new form suitable for western consciousness.

His wild life in Texas serve him well on his journey as a healer, in the sense that he lived and experienced extreme negativity in all the circuits of his body and then found out how to heal it. His compassionate genius led to a creative and heart based work of transformation. His truly understood pain and suffering and the power of the ‘pulse’ in overcoming problems and evolving human consciousness.

Dheeraj and the origins of Tibetan Pulsing

"The heart has no concern with any kind of separation it wants to merge with other hearts. When two people touch one another, feeling with the pulse beat, the beat is the same for both. When a hundred people touch one another it's one pulse, when a thousand, when a million - it's all the same because we are all really one heart. From the heart's point of view there is only one of us." Dheeraj